NauKom is association of science communicators which, as nongovernmental and non-profit organisation, gathers young, but competent scientists, science communicators and PR professionals who know how, but who are also willing and determined, to bring science closer to all interested individuals, institutions and organisations.

Founded in early 2014, this organisation gathers members who have been practicing science communication for many years. Our wish is to, with our joint forces, present all the beauty of science and all excitement it carries, but also to signify its value and a key role science has in modern society.
We are happy to know that in the past few years many popular science manifestations, festivals and public lectures happened in Serbia, but we need more of it. In modern societies, knowledge and networking are the key resources for development, and awareness of importance of education and science is a prerequisite for creation of modern and successful society.

For that reason NauKom is involved in different kind of activities, like science festivals, educational workshops, conferences, lectures and seminars. Also, we are organising science communication workshops for all scientists wishing to improve their science communication skills. We are planning on publishing educative and other materials, designed for the general public, but also for teachers working in the field of natural sciences.

In person or through this website, the NauKom Team is ready to pass on to you their enthusiasm and love they share for science!