Tijana Prodanović

PhD in Astrophysics

Tijana graduated in 2001 from the Department of Astronomy at the University of Belgrade. She obtained her PhD in 2006, in the field of nuclear and particle astrophysics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she was awarded an Excellent Teachers Award twice. As of 2006, she works as an associate professor of astrophysics at the Department of Physics at the Faculty of Science in Novi Sad. Besides her teaching and research, Tijana is actively involved in science popularization and science communication. In 2008, Tijana won the first prize at the national level and second prize at the international level at the competition for young science communicators, Fame Lab, preceded by two Master Class workshops in science communication held by prominent international experts in the field. Furthermore, since 2011 she has been the program coordinator of the Science Festival in Novi Sad and also of the Researcher’s Night in Novi Sad. She gave numerous research talks and public science lectures.